• a wonderful “date” with my girl crush…i’m not dreaming, our friendship really is coming true.
  • a sunny day mostly spent in the dog park with daisy.
  • baking pumpkin pie.
  • naps.
  • a “staff” dinner at possibly the coolest restaurant i’d never heard of before. called the spirit lounge, it’s located in montreal’s gay district, and is run by an older, extremely tattooed and flamboyant frenchman who informs you what your (vegan) four-course meal is. you have the choice of regular or reduced portions, but you can’t come back if you don’t finish. the best red wine i’ve ever tasted is here. and the decor is out of this world.
  • this is the outside of it








  • good talks with good friends.
  • listening to my body’s need to rest.
  • being quiet.