if anyone knows what was going on astrologically starting 2 days ago, could they let me know?

honestly, i’ve never had a day like that before. i started feeling like i was living in a truman show-esque slapstick episode of my life – one where i was constantly on the verge of hysterical tears.

i was making dinner for myself before i hit the gym. my kitchen was a disaster and i didn’t know where the scissors were so i grabbed a knife to slit open a package, andย cut my ring finger to the bone. i immediately felt like i was going to be sick/crying like a baby/calling field for help (i didn’t heal properly from a minor surgery i had 9 years ago and lack some kind of clotting agent now, because i bleed like a stuck pig from minor cuts) but gritted my teeth, found a bandaid, and went to the gym, where i promptly

hit my eye on the steel bar of a piece of the equipment i was trying for the first time – did it hard enough to want to (yes, again) cry; three seconds later i already had a goose egg, which was violet.

on my way home, i ran into a fellow dogwalker who was on his way to the gym and he invited me to walk dogs with him after his workout – i said sure. he and his wife also shop where i work, and she owns a yoga studio i’ve practiced in – so i was interested to talk with him.

i ended up having a minor “wobbly leg” spasm as we were standing in the football field, talking. this is fine, totally, except at 11 at night, when i was already tired, i didn’t want to get into the “i have a minor form of c.p. and sometimes this happens when i get tired” conversation. i just told him the second part, but it was still awkward (it can sometimes be, for other people), and since i can feel shy in front of new people….it wasn’t the first impression i wanted to leave, let’s say.

then daisy, who had been playing in the field with jamal’s dog, raven, found a skunk. and got sprayed by said skunk. hard. bad. so bad my eyes watered. i found out because she came running to me for comfort and threw herself in my arms.

and then the next morning she threw up on my pillow.

then i called this woman for a writing job i never completed and she said how happy she was to hear from me, and i agreed to help her with something….and couldn’t do it. i was a zombie until i went to work.

sheesh…..i want my mommy. ๐Ÿ™‚