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(thank you to bohemian mama)

1. What I was doing five years ago:
~i had just come back to ottawa after living in san diego over the winter, and was trying to sort myself out over a broken heart and a casual drug addiction…i believe i had just found a job at a jewelry store, and was living with my stepdad and his new wife in the house i grew up in.

2. Five things on my to-do list:
~ write a story
~ stop hemorrhaging money
~ get my financial situation figured out so i don’t feel like something’s chasing me all the time (this means filing my taxes, applying for loans, etc.)
~ take a yoga class soon
~ clean my apartment

3. Five favourite smells:
~ the soap that field uses, because it instantly reminds me of him and is like a little hug from him to me whenever i smell it.
~ baking oatmeal raisin cookies…that burned sugar/cinnamon thing.
~ lilacs or the very delicate scent you get from sticking your nose down a tulip.
~ freshly washed clothes. even though i don’t use fabric softener i think that’s the scent i love when clothes come out of the dryer…or that “i’ve just been dried in the summer air for a few hours” smell.
~ the back of my pets’ necks. (i pick em up and kiss them and breathe in that smell all the time).

4. Five junk-food items I enjoy:
~ green and black’s caramel chocolate bar
~ ice cream (pretty much any kind).
~ toast with tahini and honey
~ “treat” lattes
~ expensive fruit

5. Five favourite articles of clothing:
~ any and all of my lulu gear. (SO comfy and makes you look hot while you’re doing whatever. and their hoodies are like wearing custom-sized blankets from grandma).
~ butter-soft jeans.
~ black tank tops.
~ a red flamenco dress i’ve been coveting for years that was just handed down to me by my best friend.
~ anything BLUE or GREEN.

6. Five things I would do if I was a billionaire:
~ open a retreat on an island, and make a scholarship fund so that people who wanted to go but didn’t have the money to fly would always be able to. my retreat would be a creative one, (with artists’ studios, yoga classes, a music room, etc.) but would also explore the connection between the creative and the political – how you can use art to synthesize the world around you. there would be classes on everything – from how to grow gardens in small places to learning how to communicate non-aggressively with people you don’t get along with, and would concentrate on being a healing and regenerative place to go.
~ pay off my debts and those of the people i love.
~ take off for a number of months, or years. travel the world and observe and honour the cultures i find there.
~ make dreams come true.
~ find new and challenging ways on how to make the world a better place.

7. Five of my bad habits:
~ smoking every so often
~ over-spending
~ negative self-talk
~ not trying enough
~ being very “all-or-nothing”

8. Five jobs I’ve had:
~ cleaning limousines (which is as bizarre as it sounds).
~ front desk clerk at a long-term stay hotel.
~ cashier, etc. at 4 different organic food stores.
~ cosmetician at a pharmacy.
~ puppeteer.

9. Five all time favourite movies:
~ the princess bride
~ all about eve
~ reality bites
~ movies about writers
~ tootsie

10. Five favourite bands/musicians: (at the moment!)
~ jamiroquai
~ the roots
~ quincy jones
~ led zeppelin
~ nina simone


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