i realize that i sent out a cryptic s.o.s a few weeks ago, left a quick posting to say everything was all right, and then disappeared again.

there are a few reasons for that. the first is that my internet was cut off. there was a misunderstanding between the left hand and the right hand of the company i deal with, and so while we worked it out, i was without access at my home. i’d stop by a cafe every now and then to check my email, but i didn’t really have time or money to do much else.

second, the paper(s). i had to write a 16-page paper, and a 5-page one, to fix a d- i got accidentally in a class last year.  i was knee deep in books, those neon post-it flags, highlighters, and ball-point pens for a good long while. i sent them off by email yesterday, and today the hard copies caught a courier, so that’s just over.

easter weekend, (well, thursday through saturday) being spent in peterborough with my sister and my best friends.

my part-time job.

my dog.

i want to tell all about what i’ve been thinking in the past few weeks…but i find i still need to think about it. but i’ll be back.