i didn’t mean to stay away for this long….but working 6 days a week, walking a dog, and trying to write essays turns me into a zombie, i’ve realized.

about the essays? my professor advised me to file for an “incomplete”, which means that when i get back from the week i’m spending with banane for the holidays, i have to file my medical notes and will get an extension into the middle of february. i didn’t feel so good about myself when i heard that – i have this strong, deep-seated urge to call myself a failure because i let my situation get out of hand – but talking to banane on the phone, and a surprise visit from my best friends (who popped in from ottawa and peterborough for a magical 5 hours yesterday) helped me put things into perspective a little more. all i know is, i very much need a holiday to spend some time relaxing. my candle is burned down to the nub. 🙂

it is magical in montreal right now. it is like walking around in a gigantic snow globe – the most snow the city has seen in 57 years is covering our world right now. so peaceful, so quiet, the world cocooning itself. i am really loving it – which is surprising to me. i thought i hated winter.

i have to go pack (apparently i leave in an hour), so i should wrap this up, but i will return in a week with lots more to share. i wish you all the best for the holidays.

(thanks to icanhascheezburger for the image. 🙂 )