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my week away was simply magical. the ride i found through craigslist was a great conversationalist, i arrived to a party that was sort of thrown for me where we drank homemade cider and smoked and danced until 3, banane and i had lots of long country walks, i worked at the farmer’s market with her at her stand, we had a full-moon’s gathering, drove to oshawa on the 22nd for our only ACTUAL christmas engagement, and cooked a meal for 70 people with my best friends on christmas day.

my friend krista wrote a touching post about the need for a break. that is what i experienced this week….a very good foundation for healing…with lots of love from my closest friends, a lot of whom have moved up from ottawa in the past few years to join and befriend banane on their own. coming back to a house that is in the state it was in was a gentle reminder of how sad i had been.

i think, in a lot of ways, i’ve become too consumptive of the internet/television combination, and it is sucking the vital energy right out of me. i can feel it as i sit here. there are so many options to follow in everything that i spend mindless amounts of time here, clicking. getting majorly inspired and fascinated and…essentially staring into space.

i’m feeling a need to disconnect. i’m going to buy a typewriter, pack my tv into a closet and only check my email once or twice a week. i’m curious and somewhat longing to see what develops if i’m “forced” to read, or cook, or create in my space, instead of “stoning out”. (that’s what it feels like to me, anyways.) i’ve deactivated my facebook account. (i was more and more uncomfortable with it as a forum, and the fact that you can never DELETE your account if you want to leave was the final straw).

i hope each and everyone of you understands, and knows how much i’ve appreciated getting to know you. i WILL be back, at some point.

i hope you’ll have a wonderful new year.


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