after staring at the screen for an unhealthy amount of time yesterday, and having no fun whatsoever, i decided to do what i actually wanted to do, which was find a friend and go have a beer to blow off some steam.

it was one of those times when the universe seemed to part the exact way i wanted/thought i needed it to. the friend i wanted to be there was, he was available, and i met him in the plateau an hour later. i didn’t mention to him how i’d been a snotty wad a few hours earlier – in fact, when he asked me what the occasion was, i just said i was graduating a week earlier than i thought and it was cause for celebration.

soon enough, it was. laughter, real laughter, no matter what it’s about, is a vastly superior solution to moping. i have to remember that.

by this morning, something had shifted, and i was able to see things more clearly. i can do anything for two more weeks. even learn.

when i got back to my apartment, i had some great emails waiting for me. the fire trucks parked in front of my building weren’t there because i’d left the kettle on last night. i had french toast with strawberries this morning.

i am very grateful for the grace that was shown to me in the past night or so. i have a lot to be thankful for.

 p.s. this was a spam comment i got (they all seem to clump on one particular post, but whatever) that made me LAUGH:

It dentist porno fetish was some sort of church. After that happen in a mexican restaurant.

(except, of course, that they misspelled “fetish”, so i changed it, and i disabled the link.) i love that random sentence.

if you’d like to share, i’d love to hear about the random moments in your life that make you smile/giggle at their absurdity.

(this photo, of course, borrowed from istock. thanks, istock.)