once again, i come to this place somewhat distracted.

daisy got sick a few days ago, (she has a sensitive tummy, my girl) and so i called in a maid service to just help me clean up, already. i realized that i was aching for a tidy, clean space and when, exactly, amidst all the school work and job and sick puppy was i going to get this done? exactly. but i wanted to clean a bit before she got here and it’s now 54 minutes until she gets here and i haven’t walked daisy yet. yearrrgh.

worked all weekend, and am still so behind it’s kind of scary. going to keep trucking, though. hopefully, there is an end in sight.

a good friend of mine that i reconnected with through facebook is making the arduous trek from ottawa to montreal today to see a concert and we get to hang out tomorrow…(thus, the cleaning service). i’m excited. tony and i dated for a blink of a eye in 2003, in the summer right before i started seeing the hobbit. i was working in a downtown jewelry store at the time, he came in to see my coworker, who was a friend of his…i noticed how cute he was, and the next day he came in and told me that he had forgotten to ask me for my phone number. (awww….bad pick-up lines DO work! 🙂 ) it didn’t work out, but with no hard feelings at all, he’s someone i’m glad to have in my corner.

and if you have time, please send a little support and extra love to a very good friend of mine who is in need of some bloggie love…she’s going through a rough time and needs some help.

sorry for the crap update…but this was more for dar than anything. thank you.