today, i’ve savoured and saved this up to share with you:

this incredibly poignant video of a professor’s “last lecture” (it’s a 5-minute clip, but so. worth. it). (found courtesy of 37 days),

this blogger‘s project,

this image: an eight-year old boy in glasses riding his bike at 8 am down the centre of my road with a slurpee in one hand, yelling at me as he passed: “brain freeeeeeeeze!” until i giggled,buttery warm autumn days with cool purple sunsets,

freshly brewed organic lattes from here,

“the point is to live everything. live the questions now.” ~rilke (found as the header quote for october at my new friend’s blog – although she’s not new to many of you),

(one of my favourite songs),

and the cuddles of the softest puppy in the world.

have a wonder-full day.