one of these days when i actually plug in my digital camera to charge it up for the first ever time (which i am allowed to do now that my place is clean) i am going to scan in photos of my school agenda so i have visual proof, later on, of exactly how insane my life is at this moment.

i am working 7 days a week. i have 10 hour school days interspersed with 7-9 hour working days. my poor dog. my poor feet. my poor brain. (last night, by my last workshop, i had turned into a blithering idiot. i really need to hire somebody to poke me repeatedly if i think i have something useful to say in class if i’m exhausted.)

after the bliss that was my summer (and y’all? it really was. in the whirlwind of my fall, i’m seeing how much i actually DID relax and how much better equipped i am to deal with this craziness because of it) i’m just not used to waking up at 7, walking the dog, doing my milton reading (i KNEW there was a reason i put off taking that class! he stinks!), making a present for the friend who daisy-sat, dropping it off, bussing to school, printing off my assignments, sitting in class for four straight hours, going to fill a prescription, going back to class for another two, bussing home, taking the dog out, and organizing a few garbage bags of extra stuff for a charity pick-up.

that was my YESTERDAY. plus i also saw field for an hour. (for those of you who are interested in a field update – which is odd because he hates it when i talk about him on here and he recently started reading again: things are just as crazy for him. we talk every day and love each other and are still best friends, and we even have a class together, but he is the master of busy schedules.)

bloggie things i am looking forward to: claire is coming! she will be here for my birthday! (which is 2 months away, granted, but this is the year i turn 29 on the 29th, so i am incredibly excited.)
the only other blogger i have met is darlene – and it was amazing. i can’t wait to share a bit of my life with her.
kiki is apparently calling me tonight after work. YAY.

and, y’all (why am i obsessed with that word? i’ve never been south of the mason-dixon…okay yes, i have, but anyway…) guess what i saw being put up yesterday at school? a poster advertising a FREE concert by this man. on thursday.
which reminds me, i’ve been wanting for some time to do a “my favourite canadian music” post, because i get asked a lot on my diverse musical taste.

but seriously, k-Os makes me quiver a little inside. he’s…radio friendly hip-hop, intensely political, self-reflective, and motherfucking CATCHY. his new album, which has the righteous title of “atlantis: hymns for disco” is one of the best albums i have ever. heard. and dammit, i just did a search on youtube and i can’t find a version of the song “the rain”, which is my favourite song of the moment, (find it!) it doesn’t hurt, either, that he is so very, very fine. 😉
so instead, i give you this:

…coming soon….more thoughts that i don’t have time to set down at the moment…