weekends are hard, at my job. long hours, most of them busy. i got home tonight, my feet burning from running around in flats, knowing i have to go back tomorrow morning to finish a few minor things, and then i take care of the elves tomorrow night.

and then school starts the day after. wednesday i’m back at work, and thursday, school and leaving for banane’s.

i’m thinking of so many things, and too exhausted to write them. i have this story idea, because i see this man every day loading up two identical trucks with people’s cast-offs. the cast-offs sit in the bed of his trucks for days, getting added on to, and then he drives them to wherever and comes back, and starts again. he reminds me of john wayne, this older man always wearing navy soft shirts, stained by years of smoking cigarettes, stooped. he reminds me of john wayne, although i couldn’t tell you why.

i’m feeling the seasons change, infinitesimally. i walked daisy in my bare feet this morning so i could feel the hard prick of dew on my soles and then the dew warmed, slowly, as we walked. there’s this patch of red amid the green vines that grow along the fence of the football field we start in. fall is coming.

there have been a lot of blights on crops lately. blueberries. corn. tomatoes. the weather has been really erratic, and it makes me sad. the world is changed, permanently.

my thoughts rise in a cloud of fatigue. i reach up to try and remember what i was going to write, and it’s gone. and i am a vessel, with emotions and thoughts and experiences washing through me.