i am one smitten kitten.

it’s the eyes that do it to me, his eyes.

soft, brown like the colour of warm lakewater, i fall and fall. i like the way he looks at me, i know that he always knows where i am. we hold eye contact a little too long for people who just should be working together.

our date didn’t turn out the way i was expecting it to, but it ended with cuddles.
spooning, in fact.

he’s aย great spooner.

i got up early this morning to walk the dog with him still asleep. when i came back, he opened up the cave of his body and fit me there, his arm over me not constricting but comforting, his hand interlaced with mine. sweet.

i worked today, training a new girl. came home after 9 hours, walked daisy for another 2, ordered a cheeseburger for dinner, am falling asleep.

it was a good day. a day where it was nice to be me, and alive.