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i have not been here regularly in far too long.

i wrote that huuuuge “this is what i’ve been doing on my summer vacation” post yesterday, of course, but i want to get into the habit of writing a lot more, again. and today is the start of a new month. (almost.) i already know that i will be gone for some of it (from sept 6 – sept 9 i will be back in banane’s town, because it’s the anniversary of mom’s death and my cousin, who lives in the yukon, will be there with her cute twins and cute husband…and that is a whole other kettle of fish, the question of getting there, because as i conveniently forgot to mention i got pulled over for speeding on my way back to montreal last week, and when the fucking policeman scanned my license he found that the previous speeding ticket i’d had – the only other speeding ticket ever, which was the time previous to this that i’d rented a car – and confiscated it, because leaving $50 unpaid for 3 months is obviously worth suspending a person’s license. so i a) can’t take daisy, have to find a sitter for her and will greyhound it, or b) crush will take us in his broke-down van. but he might not be able to because of the brokenness.) sorry for that run-on sentence.

so, except for the small amount of time that i will be away, i propose that i will show up here every day. i can’t, however, promise to make comments on everybody’s posts (although you’d be surprised at how much reading i do…think of me as the friendly ghost that inhabits your blog and maybe tries on pretty etsy jewelry when you’re not looking) – because, hot damn, i’m starting to feel the overwhelm. CANNOT FEEL THE OVERWHELM.

got the crush coming over tonight to cook me dinner – his idea. i’m nervous. partially because he’s coming over, partially because this could actually be considered a DATE, the first after we said to each other, “you know what? i think we’re dating. because i like you, and i’m not ready for a relationship. but i think what we’re doing is dating.”

when things happen, they really HAPPEN. my summer was so sleepy, but all hell is breaking loose now that i’m starting school again in four days.


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