i’m feeling very happy…i don’t want to say why just yet, (it’s a surprise), but i wanted to touch base and say hello. the above video i found while googling ‘happy’ on youtube, and my god, i laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. if you need a bit of silliness in your day, and have an extra three and a half minutes, you need to watch it.

28ย reasons i am happy today (i was going to put one hundred, but then i thought: why the rules?)

  1. my cat
  2. my dog
  3. my best friend
  4. long hot showers
  5. the smell of eucalyptus and ylang ylang
  6. incredibly ripe, sweet peaches
  7. drinking coffee in the 7:30 am sunshine with my animals, on my balcony
  8. watching daisy swim in her favourite mudhole
  9. cloudberry tea sweetened with milk and honey
  10. sam cooke’s greatest hits album
  11. soft green grass on my bare feet
  12. snuggling into my lulu hoodie
  13. blog surfing, and leaving comments, for oncefrog! look how cute!
  14. jill scott
  15. sigur ros
  16. realizing that i rented movies over a week ago and have been too into reading to watch them
  17. friendship
  18. feeling, for the first time ever, that my ‘depression’ might be over and that all i’ll have to do from now on is maintenance
  19. reading (going to the bookstore soon to pick up some chekhov and this book)
  20. getting ideas for new collages
  21. sunshine
  22. the smell of meat on the barbecue
  23. little kids laughing
  24. dogs playing in a grassy field
  25. lemonade
  26. cold water
  27. fresh berries
  28. my mother’s quilt