♥ life is better outside.
♥ approach everyone with the same open-hearted friendliness.
♥ the simple things matter: a good meal, and a cuddle at the end of the day.
♥ know when to defend something that’s important – which is less often than i’d think. let the rest go.
♥ making people smile can be its own reward.
♥ who cares, really, who’s watching? it’s fun to just BE.
♥ running around a forest until i get so tired that i fall asleep is the most amazing feeling.
♥ drink more water.
♥ pay attention.
♥ there is only this moment. we can build lives out of happy ones.

i am struggling to get everything done – in between walking my sweet girl, cleaning, working more than usual, and being a bit more tired than usual. i have been trying to keep myself away from the computer a bit as i find that i could sit here for hours reading if i’m not careful. today some of the new plants i ordered came in (luscious aloes and ferns) and some fans (necessary for the montreal heat) and the patio furniture for the balcony came in.

i tried making juice for myself at work the other day (with our $700 juicer) – i made a dandelion leaf/peach/nectarine/apple/carrot combo, and afterwards i felt INCREDIBLE. lately to get myself through the rough patchs of extra hours i’ve been indulging in extra coffees, and an icecream fix every day, but the more i think about it the more i think i’m going to try a juice fast for a week to ten days. i’ve been meaning to fast for a while but also extremely shy over it because of my eating issues (i binged as well as starved for a long time), but juicing would be different, i think. i want to get more in tune with my body and i think my sluggishness has a lot to do with what i’ve been putting into it, as well as the dust i’m stirring up.

there’s so much i want to do with this summer – reconnect with my communities, start practicing yoga more regularly, (i haven’t taken a class since i got scared off back in december), start taking photographs (i got a FREAKING DIGITAL CAMERA the other day!!!), writing…and the first step is giving myself the home i’ve always dreamed of.

happy solstice, everybody!!!