my life has suddenly picked up a little in momentum and “events”. i feel guilty about not being able to check in as much as i’d like to – i’m coming to your blogs, i promise!

things that have happened in the past few days: i ended up picking up a lot of extra shifts at work for the month of june. while this follows extremely close to type of “bee can’t have time on her hands, she must fill, fill, fill”, we’re really short-staffed at the moment, and when i found out that my co-worker was working 14 days straight to pick up on the slack, (i hadn’t realized until then), i knew that i needed, and not only that, but wanted to step up.
just once we hire some new people and things slow down a bit, would somebody kick my arse if i keep overworking? šŸ˜‰ thanks.

my boss thought it was a great idea when i suggested to her yesterday that i begin to hold casual ‘workshops’ in the store afterhours. stuff like, ‘how to preserve and pickle’, or ‘create your own apartment compost’… i wouldn’t necessarily be guiding them, i like to think of them more as information-sharing… but all of a sudden, i’m being allowed to step into a more creative role than i thought possible.

and finally, my date. it’s funny, i was actively NOT searching for anything…and then damned facebook stepped in. i found a person i remembered from my high school, who was wondering if anybody remembered him, i messaged him, and look: we share all the same interests. we have quotes by the same people on our pages! we’re facebook soulmates! (please hear the intense note of sarcasm there.) we began emailing and then last night we talked on the phone for the first time in 14 years (or so) and it really overwhelmed me – how familiar his voice sounded, how comfortable we felt.
i can feel his eagerness as opposed to my reticience, but i also know when the world is asking me to stay open to a possibility. i have turned down every invitation in the past four months, but i can’t turn down his. tonight i go and see him perform (he’s a professional musician) and i’m so nervous that the butterflies are going to make me BARF.

how does one do this, exactly?