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 if i’m wrong, please let me know.

this is the last instalment of the “interview” questions that i was asked to answer, from the beautiful, wondrous (i call her my snugglebunny, in my links) claire.
and may i just say – damn, people. maybe it’s just that my mind still feels like cottage cheese from the circus wedding reception of saturday (the watery kind), but these questions are head-scratchers. that is why i haven’t sent anybody any of mine – i can’t think of any righteous questions. and i want mine to be righteous!!
i can’t believe i just used righteous twice in the last two sentences. welcome back to bee and ted’s adventures, and you thought you left!

one last apology: to those of who who subscribe to bloglines, please forgive my stubborn attempts to figure out coding on my own. i know NOTHING about computers and am trying to teach myself how to do something from scratch – and if it isn’t working, i promptly erase the botched entry. that must be REALLY annoying and i didn’t quite realize what i was doing until i had done it several times. OOPS. 

so…to the questionnes (pron: k’west-ee’own-ays: def. bee’s REALLY strange way of saying ‘question’ when she’s hyper.)
but first, i think you should know that i am wearing this (i would MARRY this store, it it were at all legally possible) and it is making me feel like i am getting a hug from the universe, and i am about to put some milk on to heat, so that i can make hot chocolate, and i am going to be listening to this album.

1) If you could go back and change things with one person in your past (and it would be guaranteed not to mess up the future!) who would you go back and talk to?

oooh, nelly. i’m taking this to mean a person with whom i’m no longer in contact with, where the relationship ended because  i was more of the screwer than the screwee. there are a few people i owe major apologies to, back from when i was about 18-20. (if i’ve done someone wrong since, i’m not as knowledgeable of it). and the person who comes to my mind first is my college room-mate.
i was a BIT messed up when i showed up at my first university. i was 19, and my mom had been sick on and off for two years; i had intentionally screwed up a university application to the school i really wanted to go to, in order to stay in ottawa and be with the boy who promptly broke up with me the week after i made that decision; i was drinking a lot and smoking a lot…but also being the “happy go lucky party girl”. my room-mate was on the quiet side – she used to spend all her nights on the phone in her room talking to her long-distance boyfriend. she was incredibly neat and i was…well, in my messy-depressed phase. soon i was going out with my “scary ex” and, for all intents was living in his room by november, only going home to pick up random things – or “borrow” a pair of socks, or a notebook, or lipstick. i was a bit of a vindictive klepto, in my day.
soon, i got this vibe of definite tension, even when she was not around. by the end of the year, we weren’t speaking, and she moved out way earlier than she was supposed to, leaving me an incredibly hurt note about how i was a horrible person for all my “borrowing”, messy ways…and it went on, and on. i’d go back and tell her that she was right, i did do a lot of nasty things to her (some of them intentionally, some not – but she ended up doing nasty things to me as well) and basically just take responsibility for my part in the demise of our relationship.

2) (OK, so this one is completely biased) I’m coming to Montreal, and we have a whole day to spend together. What shall we do? (This is similar to questions others have sent you, but I want to know what you’d have us get up to!)

first, you’d be sleeping in my apartment. OF COURSE. and since i’m actually known for my coffee-making abilities, if you slept longer than i did i’d make sure you woke up to the smell of fresh coffee. then we’d go out on my balcony and chat, and then i’d take you to the cafe on my street corner for breakfast. they make this killer version of the “eggs/sausage/hashbrowns” breakfast that i love but without all the crazy grease, AND with the addition of fresh fruit. they also make this version of french toast with BAGELS. *ahem*
this day would be a sunday, and it would also be LOVELY and summery outside (which is still possible, in october, when you’re coming) and we’d hop on the orange-line metro to mont royal, and do a bit of sight-seeing and shopping, if you’d like (perhaps hitting the park on the way) and then stop by the tam tams on the mountain. from there i’d probably retrace our steps to downtown, so that you could go into any of the galleries that you wanted, and also see old montreal, probably the place that is depicted on most of the montreal postcards. then i’d want to make you dinner, so we’d pick up some organic groceries and wine, (of your choosing) and go back to my plce and cook, and drink some tea and watch the sun set, and then, we’d go dancing. my intent for the day would be to give you some calm, and some of “montreal”.

3) What is your favourite flower and why?

for smell, i love , and .
for looks, i love  and .
for reasons i don’t know, i just LOVE   and ,
and for my garden, i love  and .
(in order of appearance, purple lilacs, red roses, lily of the valley, orchids, gerbera daisies, tulips, marigolds, and red geraniums.) i really love flowers.

4) I know you love music….if you had to pick out your top ten albums of all time, what would they be?
bwa ha ha. well…when i was little, i had a VERY LARGE crush on michael jackson. so “off the wall” would start my list. *BLUSH* but there you have it. i still am a sucker for a good beat that i can dance to – and good dancers, come to think of it.
1) off the wall ~ michael jackson.
2) not a pretty girl ~ ani difranco – the first of the albums of hers i ever listened to, my sister and i found it in the loft of the barn at the summer camp we went to, the year i was 16, the place where i became a vegetarian (for the next four years) and found the first love of my life…it was a seminal year. she’s a seminal influence in my life.
3) greatest hits – sam cooke. my mama listened to this whenever she cooked (i grew up listening to motown and r&b) and now i listen to the tape she had whenever *i* cook. his song-writing, while sometimes cheesy in that early 1960’s pop way, is REALLY phenomenal when you get to such politically polarising work such as ‘a change is gonna come’.
4) nothing lasts, but nothing is lost – shpongle. something i think i spoke more of on my other blog (it’s dead) than here is my (surprising, to me) love of a type of trance music called psychedelic, or psy-trance. shpongle is one of the most well-known of psy-trance bands, and this album i listened to ALL THE BLOODY TIME when i was in b.c. last year, which was also one of the biggest changes/learning experiences of my life.
5) head hunter – herbie hancock. i loves me some jazz, and this album blew my head open when i first listened to it.
6) pretty much anything by nina simone.
7) kind of blue – miles davis.
8) mama’s gun – erykah badu
9) morrison hotel  or l.a. woman – the doors.
10) pearl – janis joplin.

5)Et finalement, do you believe in God/ Allah/Jehovah / Buddha / a higher power?  And if so, how does these belief affect or inform your life?

(once again, i mean no disrespect….) i believe that the universe has an order and an arranging power, if that makes sense. in terms of religion, i think they’re pretty much all one and the same, as they are (to me) human explanations of the ‘energy’ that holds everything together. sometimes i call this power god, (a la elizabeth gilbert), and other times i just try to feel everything…humming. i would say i am very spiritual – and in my day-to-day practices, i lean towards buddhism.

okay, yo, i can’t figure out youtube. i was able to successfully embed a video once. ONCE. and as far as i know, i’ve been doing the same thing, over and over (yes, i know, ’tis the definition of insanity). anyway….this is a song that i’ve been playing over and over in my mind…even though i’ve been feeling strong and in a good space, i’ve also been…well, this will say it. (it’s about 5 minutes in length.)


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