and this is how i described my evening to a friend, in an email:

i was picked up by not one, but two belly dancers dressed like peacocks!

a great brazilian hand-drumming band.
which i was pulled up onstage to dance with a few times! 

soooooo many friends i didn’t expect to see, who treated me like a rock star when i showed up. 
including my friend melissa who’s back from 7 months in india! and amy who leaves today for 6 in serbia!

dancing so hard that i was SOAKED in sweat.
people kept asking me if i was in the circus!

i believe i have more stories which i would like to have included here, but i can’t remember them. but OF COURSE i ended up dancing barefoot in the bar. and OF COURSE i took my shirt off to dance in my bra (the purple one, with green flowers).
and of course i had poutine at the end of it.

b E C tattoOo M E
I N ||N E R
G_IMG_1975 O D is for Déjeuner D E S S