afnewnew.gif deb sent me these questions a long time ago, and pretty true to form, i lost them. she was kind enough to re-send them when i realized what had happened, so here are her answers…. (yours are coming up, claire!)
once again, if you would like me to interview you, just leave me a comment and i will think up something sparkly to suit.  

1. You’ve been told that you must leave the country and live abroad for exactly one year, but you have your choice of any other country in the world to live in during that time. Where would you go for a year and why?

okay, first off – yeeeAAAAAArrrrgh. do you know how difficult a question that is to answer for a travel-bug like me? (and for the record, i think a travel-bug looks sort of like a lady-bug but with bumper stickers on its shell :)) but to answer it, i can’t. LOL. i can narrow it down to a continent, and countries on that continent, but for the LIFE of me i can’t decide which.
the answer, of course, is africa.
the countries i would be torn between on the continent?
ethiopia – because it’s the one african country that’s never been colonised. i would love to experience its culture firsthand, and absorb (respectfully) as much as they would share with me.
tanzania – i’ve always wanted to go there.
the ivory coast – its history fascinates me.
madagascar – just because.
the reason there are so many ‘just becauses’ (and there are so many more countries….i just listed 4) is because i have wanted to go to africa since i can remember. i don’t mean to offend anyone or get preachy, but for me, so much life began there. the first time i found out that there was a theory that all human life started in africa,  i was in a humanities class in high school. i’m not saying that’s true, but i know that africa is ANCIENT in so many ways…culturally, geographically. when i think about it, my body literally aches to see it, like i’m homesick. i’m fascinated with its gorgeous geography, its wildlife, and its people. i think africa would be dramatically different than anything else i’ve ever experienced or would, and i’ve longed to go there.
but i also feel very strongly about how it’s been, in some degrees, co-opted by countries that were richer and had more political power. i would travel there and live there only if it was understood by all that i meant no harm, and that i was going to observe and learn simply because i respected their ways.
the last reason is that i want to help. i think the world could be a lot better and more humane than it is, and in certain ways, i think that africa has suffered from being ‘left out’. i’d want to do whatever i could to help make things better.

2. You win a contest and the prize includes getting to spend the day with any poet or novelist in the world. Who would you choose and why?rapscallion!

living? i think i’d have to pick michael ondaatje. his name keeps coming up in my head. he writes the most beautiful poetry AND prose, and i’ve heard he’s a real rapscallion in real life – a smoker and drinker and regular dirty-joker rabble rouser. i think he’d be hilarious to chill with for a day, and i think i’d learn a lot.
dead? nella larsen. she wrote a book called passing that changed my life – it really, really resonated with me.

3. When I say the word “whimsical” what’s the first thing you think of?

somebody braiding a daisy chain for someone to wear. they are two people alone in a sun-dappled field.

4. If someone was making a movie of the story of your life, who would play
you, what would the movie be called, and (aside from being a biography of course) what sort of genre would it be….drama, comedy, mystery, adventure, or….?

i THINK i’d want winona ryder to play me. i’ve always had a soft spot for her acting (beetlejuice? heathers? reality bites?) and she was born on the same day as me. put some blue contacts in her eyes and a few pounds on her frame and i think we don’t look that dissimilar. some people find her annoying, and i can see why (her voice, while i like it, i’ve heard described as grating), and she’s no stranger to controversy, but we share the same birthday.
either her, or claire danes. i like her, too, (ditto the controversy) and i was ALWAYS mistaken for her when romeo and juliet came out.
also, if meryl streep, diane keaton, annette bening and judi dench could be in it too, just because, i’d really appreciate it.
as for the what-kind-would-it-be, i think some of the best films ever have a bit of each in them. like the wonder boys, or running with scissors. it would be a action- dramedy!!!
i would call it (today, now) ‘waking up to dream’.

5. If you could briefly go back in time and give a bit of advice to your younger self, what age “you” would present-you visit and what would you
tell this younger version of yourself?

i’ve tried saying that question to myself three times, fast – and it’s impossible. lol
to be honest, i think i would go back to 7-year-old me. that was the me who was in the middle of her parents NASTY (all capitalized) divorce, and the one who learned a lot more about hysteria than a kid should ever know. i was the messenger who absorbed a lot of my parents’ pain at each other, and while i’m not faulting them at all – they were trying to do what they thought was best, both my dad for making the break and my mom for dealing with it – i would take my self by the hand and tell her that she should step away. that sometimes she can only help by strengthening herself and not letting down all her defenses.
does that make sense? i hope so.

yay! sorry that took so long, deb…