okay, so the post i was writing got lost when my internet connection got fuzzy, so i am backlogged with things to write about. (not to mention a bit miffed…..)
i’ll get to them, i promise…but in the meantime, i thought i’d tell you some of the things i’ve been occupying myself with.


fermented beets, baby spinach, fresh basil and provolone sandwiches on sprouted grain bread with mayonnaise and mustard (the fermented beets tastes like sauerkraut – it’s a raw-foodie thing i’m trying out),

fruit (watermelon, blackberries, strawberries),

mocha coffees


just another – by pete yorn

a sorta fairytale – by tori amos (i have never seen the video before and i had to laugh at how freaking creepy it is…)

the seed – by the roots, feat. cory chesnutt


 dumpster diving a three-paned window that i’m going to clean up and paint a triptych on,

writing stories on a casual commission,

taking photos in my neighbourhood

working on:

the essay that has come to haunt me

finishing up the painting in my apartment

making my balcony a proper balcony (ie: not just a storage area for a rusty bicycle and an old carpet) 

making a window box for herbs and small veggies


fried green tomatoes

something’s gotta give

the big sleep 



field berry juice

(at night) black chai with skim milk and organic honey


the SUN

the TULIPS and LILACS that started to bloom after yesterday’s soft rain

the ZEN GARDEN that my neighbours have been working on

walking BAREFOOT on warm asphalt and cool grass



…i don’t know if anyone else felt the astrological shift that happened over the weekend, but yeeeesh, it was a bit tough for me. we came into gemini this weekend, (i’m not sure the exact time), and while GEMINI itself is lots of fun, (more creative inspiration, easier to make the distinction between emotion and thought) the transition from aries to gemini is NOTORIOUSLY…shall we say…challenging? for people who are not gemini. all i can say is…phew.

okay…off to do some research reading in the summer sun with my dog…