i am completely, and utterly, tickled pink that madame vesper (aka: the talented kristen) nominated me for a thinking blogger award. it made my week. seriously. this site has become a lifeline to me in so many ways as i stumble around in my own head, and to know that my journey resonates with other people – well, it’s more than i hoped for. i really appreciate it, kristen, i just wanted you to know that.

before i go on with the people that i nominate, can i just say how incredibly difficult it was to make the decisions? i felt like i was playing some weird red rover contest and honestly, i didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by nominating one person instead of another.
so let me start by saying that all of the blogs i read – (and i have been a shitty blog friend lately, i’m SWAMPED!) inspire me and make me thoughtful and want to live a better and more authentic life. thank you all for that.


1. diary of a self portrait, written by jessie. i don’t know if she knows this, but i used to stalk her blog before we got to know each other. i was in awe of her artistic ability (being unable to draw a good-looking stick-person, myself), and the mix of poetry, and anecdotal story-telling she uses when she writes. her longer posts were so good, i felt like i was lying down in a comfortable bed, and she was wrapping me up in blanket upon blanket of beautiful images and metaphors. her shorter ones were vivid and made me ache. no matter how many times she posts, she always has something thoughtful and spiritual to say, and her range of topics (always provoking, but never excluding) are breath-taking. i heart jessie.

2. sticking point, by kiki. once again, someone i stalked for a while, and boy was i surprised when she commented on my blog before i got the nerve to comment on hers. it felt like i was getting visited from a guardian angel of the blogging world. this woman…damn. she writes in a funny, wry, sarcastic tone that i immediately pegged as ‘real’ – about motherhood, her job, her life, her friends, her partner. she is unafraid to approach big topics like depression, or converting to judaism, and yet treats everything with the right touch of irreverence. the pictures she posts are just as full of depth and emotion.

3. chronicles of me, by boho – whenever i visit her site, i feel inexplicable. this woman has a spirit that blazes out of her site and a creativity that inspires me to live outside my box. her photographs are stunning, her honesty is heartwrenching and hopeful, and she makes me more confident to be myself, with the confidence she possesses in being herself.

4. the silent k – krista. i am in awe of this woman, sometimes. the way she writes about her battles with depression makes me hope that someday i can be as articulate and hopeful about it as she is. she is intensely, beautifully artistic, a fierce mama to two young boys and a loving partner to her high-school sweetheart. she is so much more…as we all are…but i will leave her to unravel her mysteries for you.

5. ash bc – ashley chairiet. trust me. she’s a secret i can’t keep anymore.

so…there you have it. the rules to play are as follows:

1. in order to play, you must be nominated…..
2. you must cite this post so people can easily find the source of the meme, and
3. (optional) proudly display the thinking blogger button with a link to the post that you wrote. (let’s face it, everyone knows how technologically inept i am, so we know that i’d want to do this, but have no freaking idea how.)

AND AND AND!!! tomorrow, saturday april 7, marks my first day hosting at melba‘s “create a connection” blog! i’m doing TRY DAY! won’t you come and play with me? 🙂

image of the big friendly giant from here.
this was probably my FAVOURITEST show as a kid and i’ve been trying to figure out a post with him in it for months. maybe starting off with the picture will spark some magic…

i will share some magic-filled stories the next time, i promise…..