having rachelle show up at 9 so we could drink coffee and walk the dog in the park and talk for hours/the sun/finally visiting the organic coffee shop i’ve been wanting to visit since i moved here/having cuddle time with field/the AMAZING ecuadorian pan flute band that was busking in the metro/the old woman wearing the fedora who was dancing on the elevator to the ecuadorian band/the look on my dog’s face as she galloped not her, exactly, but the closest i could comeacross the park happily after being stuck in an spca cage for a week/finding some much needed gifts for some friends/starting to readย a phenomenal book for my american literature class/finding my wishstone before it went through the wash/the song ole man trouble by otis redding/blood oranges/lush solid shampoos and conditioners/getting complimented by my prof on something i said in class/feeling de-fogged for once/the tea biscuits i bought in the indian food store that remind me of arrowroots/the new desire to finish a story/my salt lamp/the cheap yoga studio i found and am going to sign up for/my cats/nina simone at midnight/kanenna’ke:ne body butter (kanenna’ke:ne means autumn in mohawk) (it smells like orange smoothies)/buying a huge bag of bones for 50 cents because the butcher said i was beautiful/learning more about zen from the animal kingdom/eating a combination of fruit and junk food all day/drinking the coffee that jessie sent me/jessie/sweeping my floor/changing the energy/hearing back from my belly dancing instructors/peace tea and bananas/stylish girls in class/my professor having a laughing fit in class/finding out that our papers are pushed back until may 5, if we want/spring! which has sprung!/blogs/ideas for poetry/working tomorrow/finding cheap yogurt/having an art storm of ideas/looking around at the talismans that cover my desk and remembering their specialness/wearing my tall galoshes for the first time/the word galosh (?)/laughter/buying the secret yesterday/the sensational feeling of slipping into bed/splurging on a pepsi when i never drink pop/coming to some HEFTY realizations that could have been scary but weren’t/feeling space in my body/the birds returning to montreal/chocolate/thinking “i can do this” – whatever this is/

water/burt’s bees blemish stick/amy winehouse/gossip/being honest/the smell of the meditation incense at the gift store/thinking about the mending i can do this weekend/not to mention the art projects/taking out my new camera/making the academic advising appointment i needed/remembering to send the carrot seed along with rachelle for banane/getting the cutest answering machine message from my sister/starting to take care of my plants again, just in the nick of time/realizing for the umpteenth time that i’m still in love with field in a way that he’s no longer with me but being okay with that and feeling honoured anyway/saying byebye and fuck you to seasonal affective disorder (you’d think i lived in norway)/saving delicious mail for just the right moment/getting lots of exercise/flax bagels with blackberry jam/so many different kinds of music/the guys playing football in the park that loved my dog and invited her to play with them/seeing the fortune that i got from my fortune cookie last week on my desk/clean clothes/my black half-hoodie that i got for $5 at ARDENE/having good food in my fridge again, from a place i support/waking up early/going to bed late/seeing the sun set/seeing the moon rise/seeing the moon in the sky before it got dark/seeing little harold ~ ain't he cute?kids being sung to by their nursery school teachers, all lined up like madeline/reading harold and the purple crayon for the first time since i was very young/almost buying myself roses/promising myself roses for cleaning my apartment (a compromise i can live with)/my round tummy/feeling at centre/thinking about going to see bridge to terabithia by myself and the butterfly exhibit with field/using my sister’s natural lip balm/taking my first shower in a few days at the perfect pressure and temperature and length/burning nag champa/stretching/my tibetan mantra ring/making connections with people, both spiritual and physical/feeling beautiful for a moment/owning my gentleness/feeling safe within my skin/being able to do all my laundry tomorrow/taking a cab downtown so as to not be late for class/feeling a bit like my old self again, finally