what i am grateful for:

1. that i had a surprise gift from l. waiting on my desk when i got home from work.

2. oatmeal for dinner.

3. freshly brewed coffee, which i will make soon.

4. another bonding moment with my boss.

5. making art at work. selling more herbs because of it.

6. reading a fabulous book. i’d link to it but i don’t remember the title.

7. talking with a good friend for the first time yesterday in a long time. making dream plans to go to africa together in march.

8. my bathrobe.

9. mindless blogsurfing that made me laugh.

10. the bean.

enough with the pessimism.

i am creating my own destiny as i think it, and i won’t create loss and loneliness anymore.

l. is my best friend.

i trust that, i trust our love in making in through, i trust the universe.

what is the lesson the universe is trying to teach me, right here, right now?

how can i grow from the momentary pain that my heart feels?

stop, bee. stop panicking, okay? live in the uncertainty. appreciate it for the gifts it can give you.