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i can’t believe it’s been six days since my last post. i feel exactly like leah does when she says “i’ve had so much to share recently, that I’ve shared nothing.”
it’s been a busy week. i have a lot to share – realizations, non-stop happenings, moments when the universe held its breath.

school’s pretty intense.
the semester’s only three weeks old, but i’m taking my first fourth year seminar, and i may be delusional (i think that’s been proven), but there’s about two hundred pages of reading a week for that class ALONE. not to mention that i signed up to do presentations early so that’s occupied last week, and will next week. there’s also two stories and 24 poems to critique; a 20 line poem to write that has to contain the line, “the kundalini pretzel sits under the bodhi tree” (don’t even ASK); and poems and a story to write for february 8. 

last week was a bit of a down week for me, mood-wise, but i gave myself a stern talking to near the end of it where i basically told myself to suck it up and not get all emotional unless i was doing all the things that i knew would help, and they all weren’t doing anything.
(let’s face it, i know i should be doing yoga multiple times a week, eating healthily, taking my supplements, hydrating, living in a clean environment – but it seems like i can never synchronize everything at once.)
flood, my physiotherapist, suggested a few weeks ago that i should join a gym, so that’s exactly what i did. i’m running on the treadmill a lot (which makes me feel a bit silly with its ‘forest trail’ or ‘alpine climb’ programs, but what the hell), and my body’s really liking it, which is a bit of a relief. the saunas, too, which i crawl into at the end feel amazing, especially at the end of january. i love that the room itself is made of cedar, it smells like a campfire in there. i want to bring some sage with me this week and smudge myself before i go in, and see what that does.

and the thoughts. i don’t know where they came from, but i’ve thought some big thoughts this week. (i’d be sitting, usually on my yellow couch, but sometimes in the shower, twice running, once walking to the bus), and i’d be thinking of something else, and then they’d enter into my consciousness, like they were written on billboards in front of my eyes.

words will come if they are allowed to be fierce and unafraid

stop waiting for the right moment to start living YOUR authentic life

i’ve been thinking a lot about the precept of right speech lately – a LOT. i’m not really sure what else i can say about that, except that i have been. i think it has a lot to do with trying to live a more positive life in general – really locking down and getting my health in order, trying to keep things in perspective and reminding myself constantly that the world is pretty stable, it’s me who’s dramatic.

balance. i miss my meditation practice.
i miss my boyfriend.
i miss you – whoever you are….

drinking: water
song of the day: the greatest ~ cat power


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