don’t ask me why i bother…

my internet won’t be up for at least another day.
i’m so incredibly frustrated with the company i’m using, after having been on the phone with them twice already today, for multiple hours, i feel like buying a cheap set of dishes just so i can break them all.
what bothers me is that i got different answers to the same questions all the time, and they’re the people who are trying to make ME feel stupid.
so, hopefully, tomorrow things will be back to normal.

this is the first stage of the tattoo. in a few weeks the colour will be filled in, and i will take another picture and post it. after a day of putting vitamin e cream on it, it’s pretty much completely healed and i can’t wait for it to be completely done. it’s been about 5 years since i got my last one and i missed the process.
there’s a story, as well, to go with the “why tree?” question, but i’ll post that at the same time as i post the final picture.