i woke up some time this morning and deleted the post that i’d written some time last night. then i wrote a few emails, read a chapter about throat chakras and lay in bed, listening to music until it carried me away to sleep.

depression, vine-like, is starting to curl around my toes and make its clever way to my heart. i don’t have any words right now. i’ve tried – i have several ideas for posts but nothing is coming – which makes me a little sad because blogging was the only form of writing i’ve really been able to do this summer. i know it’ll come back, but i miss it.

i need to get outside today. right when i was moving to this neighbourhood, i walked through a park and found this cedar tree. i’ve visited it several times since, in a sort of quiet communion, and as i sit beneath it there is always this sense of peace that suffuses me.

i need that right now. so, in lieu of poetry on this thursday, please accept my recommendation of silverstein’s the giving tree. oh my god, do you need to read this book if you haven’t. it’ll break your heart, in all the million good ways a book can.

i’m sorry i’ve been so quiet lately. i’m the weeble that’s rocking back up.