another day…another blog.

sorry for the abrupt move, everyone. can you believe i didn’t import any of my archives? so much of my life is gone, but rather than feeling nostalgic about it (well, maybe a little), i feel rather freed.

the story behind the abrupt move is this: a few months ago, when i was travelling, i accidentally left the address to my old blog on my aunt’s computer. she found it, and started reading consistently what i was posting.
you can imagine family members didn’t want to be reading the stuff that they were reading about me. i did, unthinkingly, air a lot of dirty laundry – some of which i don’t regret airing at all, some of which i do, simply because it hurt people i love.

it all came to a head sunday night, when i had a conversation with my cousin, and i made a spontaneous decision to close the blog. with new digs, again, my family wouldn’t be able to find me, and i would be able to once again freely speak my mind.

there is something to be said for continuity, but there is also something to be said for starting over.