1. i need about 2 to 3 hours to myself in the morning to fully get warmed up to the day.
  2. i have a different laugh for every occasion. i love this about myself.
  3. i had my first psychic experience when i was 3, and my last one when i was 17.
  4. i LOVE black coffee. it’s my weakness and my habit.
  5. i have smoked a joint on top of a cloud volcano in costa rica.
  6. and eaten batshit-infested rice in nicaragua.
  7. i had my passport almost stolen on a train to amsterdam.
  8. i have been in love, real, true love, twice.
  9. i love animals, and children. i’m really good with both, if i do say so myself.
  10. random people come up to me on the street on a regular basis to ask me if i’m a pixie, a fairy, or an elf. i don’t know what this means about me, exactly, but it makes me smile.
  11. i have such blue eyes that people often ask me if they’re fake. i was born with them.
  12. i learned to read when i was 3 and am a fast reader. i lovelovelove reading.
  13. i took off to california once to get over a guy and almost went to vegas to marry a girl to stay there.
  14. i have five tattoos. i’m going to get more – i love them.
  15. i like feet. i’ve never kissed any (honest) but i appreciate them from afar.
  16. i was conceived on valentine’s day.
  17. i had my first poem published when i was 7, and have been published steadily since. i’ve known that i was a writer since around then.
  18. i have my first degree in reiki and have studied chakra healing with gemstones on my own.
  19. i’m a huge, huge romantic – i’m mostly the romantic one in relationships, but i keep hoping that i’ll find someone to reciprocate. (but my ex once did strew iris petals from the front door of our place to the bed. THAT was cool.)
  20. my younger sister and i can complete each other’s sentences. she’s my best friend.
  21. i hate the feeling of having anything stuck under my fingernails.
  22. i’m a good cook, but i barely cook if it’s just going to be for me. i’ll grab fruit or yogurt from the fridge instead.
  23. i hate dressers. i got rid of them slowly over the years and now keep my clothes either hung up on hangers or folded up in the linen closet. (i justify it to myself by saying that i shouldn’t have more clothes than that.)
  24. i take NOTORIOUSLY bad care of my feet. seriously, my friends have staged interventions and literally held me down to pour hydroxen peroxide over my blisters. i do like pedicures.
  25. i don’t know how to play any musical instruments, but i sing like a muthafucka when i’m alone. i used to be part of an internationally travelling choir when i was a teenager (i was a first soprano.)
  26. if i’m vain about anything, it’s about my skin and my hair.
  27. my heritage is scottish, welsh, french, and aboriginal.
  28. people are always surprised to find out that i have an addiction to celebrity gossip. oh yes, my friends, one of the first websites i visit every day is perez hilton.
  29. i will be 29 on october 29 of this year. i am INCREDIBLY excited about this. i AM 29. it’s a lot better than 28, so far.
  30. i didn’t used to think dates (like anniversaries or birthdays) mattered to me. i was wrong – but i’m trying to relax about that.
  31. i always wear the same rings and my watch every day. a person as scatterbrained as me needs a watch, and each of the four rings i wear (one on my left, three on my right) have huge symbolic significance for me.
  32. from grades 4-9, i had one friend, total. she was shyer than me, and she was a 5-pin bowling champion.
  33. i never came out about being bisexual to my parents. i don’t really plan to – as i don’t really have any parents. 🙂
  34. i’ve been reading tarot for half my life.
  35. i was once asked by a club owner to become a stripper. i was tempted by the money, but i said no.
  36. i’ve been spiritual since i was very young. i believe in mostly a mish-mash, but currently buddhism is speaking the deepest to me.
  37. there have been so many women who have died of breast cancer in the past three generations of my family that two hospitals have wanted to conduct case studies on us.
  38. it took me a long time to accept that i needed to be on anti-depressants, but i did and i’m much happier for it.
  39. i went to an arts high school for writing. i am now in a university program for writing.
  40. the only fist fight i got into was when i was 10. the cool boys arranged for the two most unpopular girls to beat each other up in the playground during recess. i won.
  41. my symbol is the spiral, and my totem is the turtle.
  42. if i could decide on a word i could use for a last name, i’d change it. i don’t really want any part of my father’s legacy. this is why i’m leaning towards taking my future husband’s name, if and when he appears.
  43. people describe me as the most extroverted introvert they have ever met, and i think that’s a fairly accurate description.
  44. i have a pebble embedded in the left side of my skull from a bike accident i had when i was 8.
  45. my brakes didn’t work going down a really steep hill and i panicked and bailed. i still have all the scars and i didn’t ride a bike for 3 years.
  46. i’ve almost died 3 times. i’ve been hit by a truck, got alcohol poisoning, and lost almost the fatal amount of blood following a botched operation.
  47. i always listen to jazz to write. i listen to anything now.
  48. i have an obsession with old (1920’s-1940’s) movie stars and reading about their lives.
  49. i’m naturally very messy, but i do have a clean streak.
  50. i love to fingerpaint.
  51. i used to eat peanut butter by the spoonful, until i went out with field, who is fatally allergic. then i quit nuts. he told me not to be silly, so i eat them again.
  52. sometimes i don’t realize i’m actually talking to myself until people start looking at me.
  53. i randomly change the way i write my handwriting every few years. i think it originally started to screw up potential handwriting analysts, but now i do it to retrain my brain. i’m weird. update: just changed it again (feb. 2008)
  54. i also radically change my appearance every few years, without thinking i’ve ever done it before, every. single. time.
  55. my mother, my stepfather, my stepbrother, my sister and i all went to the same school once. (only banane and i were students).
  56. i love the ocean.
  57. i’m what i call “height uneasy” and there’s definitely vertigo in there. the idea of, say, sky-diving, makes me nauseous.
  58. i’m bad with money, but i’m good with hearts.
  59. i get very very emotional around the time of the full moon.
  60. i used to be very politically active, but i haven’t done anything in a few years because of burn-out.
  61. any time i pass by a hedge, i take a leaf off it.
  62. i’ve done a lot of drugs, but never any injectable ones. my favourite was acid.
  63. i have a bad temper. most of the time, i’m EXTREMELY easy-going, but when i get upset, i scare people.
  64. i can’t watch an entire movie through in one sitting, if i’m by myself.
  65. i have double-jointed thumbs.
  66. i’m going to get my yoga teaching certificate in another year.
  67. i’ve been admitted to a psychiatric ward twice. in a strange way, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. 
  68. i always need to have my closets organized.
  69. i can speak fluent french, and some spanish, and i can understand german if you speak really slowly.
  70. i grew up in the suburbs, on the kind of street where all my neighbours were people who had lived there 30 years. it was very much like stepford, now that i think about it.
  71. i’ve talked my way out of trouble with the police more times than i’d care to think about, but i’ve never been arrested.
  72. in high school, i used to get my friend to drive his mini-van down the highway, and i’d unroll the passenger side window and sit on the sill, telling him to go faster.
  73. i’m shyer than you might think. my sister used to have to play with the friends i brought over because i’d freak out and go hide in the bathroom and read.
  74. i love staying up late and having talks with people while i cuddle with them.
  75. i’m inspired by the story of this 83 year old woman i read once, who recycled and composted so much that she only produced half of a plastic shopping bag’s worth of garbage A YEAR. i’d like to be that, someday.
  76. i have an almost photographic memory. it really freaks people out when i haven’t seen them in years and i can still remember their childhood phone number.
  77. i have a large sweet tooth that is 3/4 dedicated to chocolate.
  78. i am good in a crisis. blood, puke, and freaking-out does not freak me out.
  79. i have so much acidity in my skin that my watch never stays exact – it’s always either fast or slow.
  80. it takes exactly 93 hours and $135 to go from the ottawa greyhound station to the one in whitehorse, yukon, if you book your tickets 2 weeks in advance and only get off the bus for lunch breaks. that is why i WILL NEVER GO BACK.
  81. i am an uber-klutz. once, i was carrying a steel pot up the stairs at my work and i tripped, falling UP the stairs and cutting my throat on the edge of the round soup pot. it required 3 stitches and apparently came to within millimetres of my jugular vein.
  82. i am not a pastel person. i love rich, jewelled colour.
  83. i type 60 words a minute single-handedly.
  84. i’d love to go to tibet.
  85. i live with two magical beings named daisy, and bean. daisy’s a german-shepherd/lab mix, and bean’s a white and grey cat. i can’t imagine my life without them.
  86. i pride myself on not making a sound when i hurt myself. i always seem to accidentally hurt myself, whether it’s slicing my finger open while i’m cooking, or dropping something on my foot, so it’s an important attribute.
  87. i swear a lot. i really think god, or the universe, has more important things to do then take that seriously. plus fuck feels awesome to say.
  88. i loved smoking cigarettes from the time i was 14. i quit february 21, 2006 – and now i can smell someone smoking when they’re a block away and across the street. i’ll never smoke cigarettes again. (update: am currently vacationing again in tobaccoland, hopefully just due to stress). update the second: as of feb 2008, i’ve quit again, thanks to a new anti-depressant that doubles as an anti-smoking drug.
  89. my apartment is strewn with the shells, stones, and driftwood that i’ve picked up on my travels. it calms me to have the natural world surrounding me, inside.
  90. some of my favourite smells are lilac, freshly blossomed cabbage roses, wood smoke, new fallen snow, brewing coffee, warm butter, my best friend, chai, newly dried clothes, sunwarmed skin, and citrus.
  91. i hate logic puzzles, but sometimes i find myself doing simple multiplication for fun.
  92. i consider myself one of the most loyal people i’ve ever met.
  93. some of my ‘less good qualities’ include jealousy and impatience.
  94. a perfect evening for me includes one or two friends, a quiet meal, a few glasses of wine, some good music, a walk under the stars, and a cuddle date with my dog.
  95. i love going to live shows, and i love music, but i don’t like listening to recordings of live music – it saps the energy right out of it.
  96. i don’t like collecting things. my mother started a few collections for me when i was little, but being surrounded by many of the same thing creeps me out.
  97. i’m somewhere between a minimalist and a packrat. i go through huge phases of amassing, then getting rid of everything.
  98. i don’t do things by halves.
  99. my favourite numbers are all multiples of 3. it’s a goddess thing. 
  100. i love names. the names of things are very interesting to me.
  101. i like things to match.